OKK d.o.o.

Obrtna cona Logatec 11c, 1370 Logatec
Tel.+386 1 7542 452
Tel.+386 1 7542 462
E-mail janez@okk.si



If you want to watch short video of our production klick here.



Production is split to different areas.

Production preparation:

  • purchasing material
  • purchasing tools
  • production planning
  • preparation of accompanied documentation
  • archiving documents

Direct preparation production:


  • At first we make CNC programs. For programming we use MasterCam software, the latest version.
  • Prepare order issue









CNC grinding on machining centres:

  • We produce different grinded pieces on our lathes according to client's designs.
  • We grind out from bars from fi 3 to 75 mm and pieces-wise up to fi 300 mm and up to 500 mm long.
  • We can also use CNC lathes to engrave and mill different shapes.
  • Engraving on the lathe is suitable for round work-pieces. Technology and knowledge enable us to grind in very narrow tolerance areas.



CNC milling on horizontal machining centre:      

  • We manufacture pieces for hidraulics, pneumatics and industry.
  • We manufacture smal and large series of products on the machine.
  • Two pallets on the machine enable higher productivity.
  • We prepare pieces on one pallet while the machine is already processing the pieces on the other pallet.




Work on classic machines:

  • We use a classic lathe for grinding up to 630 mm of diameter and 1500 mm long.
  • We have installed measuring battens on classic lathes in order to display the positions.
  • We produce tooth wheels and sprockets on classic horizontal milling machine.
  • We produce diverse patterns and individual pieces on classic vertical milling machine.


To assure the product quality, control is permanently performed on the machines (See on quality assurance).


  • We use different methods for deburring pieces, with vibrator among the whetstones of different granulations and shapes.
  • Sandblasting for deburring passages amongst holes.
  • Manually with manual tools and devices.

Final product finishing:
Polishing amongst plastic stones and polishing paste for polished surface of pieces worked on. In the end we can wash pieces in washing machine. 

Storage and protection:
  • Finished products are stored in containers with adequate accompanied documentation.
  • The products are protected against corrosion and prepared for dispatch or further processing at our contractors for galvanizing, quenching...


  • forklift trucks Wilbos 2000 kg (2006)
  • we have own van to transport up to 1500 kg (2014)